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Former NFL and current AFL Wide Receiver Xavier

Rush launched XRElite, formerly eXfactorTraining,

in 2015. Rush started in the fitness business to

promote a healthy, yet affordable, lifestyle through

consulting, fitness, nutrition, specialty training and

apparel. Whether training for a healthy look or

wanting to improve performance, XRElite has a

workout plan to produce the results you want. While

physical health is important, XRElite also emphasizes

enhancing peoples’ mental health, especially from a positive attitude perspective. Both individuals and families are welcomed and encouraged to participate. XRElite works on the belief that we are all winners and destined to be great! Here at XRElite, we value treating people with respect, and we will always use all efforts to assist you.We are committed to you, and all members of the XRElite family,

to being better today than you were the day before.

Again, you are "Elite" in every sense of the word! Stay Humble & Hungry!

          Xavier Rush, Founder and Owner


I was born in Stillwater Oklahoma to Charles Rush and Pamala Heard as the oldest of three, along with my brother Jamian and my sister Bonnae. Today, I host a podcast called Like Father Like Son about different parts of our lives both personally and professionally. During my early childhood years, I traveled around the country because of my parents employment opportunities before settling in Jackson, Mississippi. After graduating from Terry High School, I attended Tulane University as a student-athlete. I graduated in four years with a Neuroscience degree with minors in Psychology and Sociology, focusing on sports and sports-related brain injuries. In addition to being a committed and dedicated student, I also participated as a Wide Receiver for the Green Wave football team, and a Sprinter on the Track team. A major accomplishment that I was lucky to receive was being named captain of the Tulane Green Wave Football team. 

Unfortunately, during a breakout senior season, I tore my ACL. The injury halted my football career, but strengthened my mental and physical framework. This gave me time to reflect and focus, even more, on life after sports. This incident gave "birth & life" to XRElite. After my recovery, I taught school in Arkansas, where I was mentored by Coach Lockhart. Through our conversations, he encouraged me to secure my personal and performance training certification.Not long after beginning my teaching tenure, I was offered an opportunity to compete for a roster spot with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2016, which I gladly accepted. A year later, I was signed as a free agent by the New Orleans Saints. Following my time on the Saints, I joined the Alliance of American Football (AAF). I share my story of persistence to encourage others and reinforce to them that failure is never a final destination! 


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